MILANI Lip Crèmes

Milani Lip Color

18 shades?

Yes, Milani’s website has 18 shades of these fabulous lip crèmes I stumbled upon weeks ago. On the hunt for a setting spray from a different brand, I came across these lip crèmes at my local Walgreens. Not satisfied with the colors they had, I did some online shopping. To try them out, I only purchased four colors, Amore, Gorgeous, Precious and Devotion. I love them all!

So, why do I enjoy these lippies?? Well, the price of course is numero uno-less than ten dollars. Next, the colors themselves are beautifully pigmented, each shade is opaque just like the Milani site describes them to be. You only need to add one layer on the lips. Plus, the application is smooth due to the double-sided applicator being soft and flexible.

Below are the colors.

Milani lip swatch

Detail color from website

  • Amore- bright cherry red
  • Gorgeous- raspberry wine
  • Precious- cool toned rose
  • Devotion- deep true red 

Milani lip swatch

Here are some details on the lip crèmes.

  • 18 shades available (find them here)
  • Long-lasting 16 hours
  • liquid to a matte formula
  • Very pigmented
  • smells good

But, like any other product, it sometimes does have a downfall or two. These lip crèmes maybe too drying for some people. If you have dry lips as is then you might not like this product (a good tip for dry lips is to exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated with a lip balm). I read several reviews on how flaky the formula can get after hours of wearing it. Personally, I only experienced a bit of flakiness with the color Amore. Overall, it’s a great formula for a drugstore brand.

beauty lip pies

Whats your favorite drugstore brand? Share with us in the comment section, have a great weekend!


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End-of-Summer Fun 5 Things To Do

end of summer fun

Summer blues? Who?

How strange is it that we look forward to the end of a school year? Wishing the end to early morning drop-offs and morning tantrums. Come mid-July you better make sure you still have fresh ideas for the kids to do.

As we head towards the end of summer, we’re trying to make each day count. Making sure our kids are having plenty of fun. From having multiple play dates to late night Carvel runs-summer months are fantastic. Spoil those kids rotten!

But, sometimes repeating the same activities can become boring. If you’re running low on ideas, here are 5 of our must-do activities to do before summer ends.

Visit a museum: Like New York or any other state-museums are fun and children get to learn something new each time. Get their imaginations rolling by visiting the art center. You can also look into your local museums for days that are free admission.

Be a tourist for a day: Have you ever wanted to act like a tourist in your city? As a New Yorker, I still have not stepped foot into the famous Dylan’s Candy Bar-known as candy paradise for everyone. Find a kid-friendly location you’ve wanted to visit and enjoy the day.

Picnic: I can understand doing all these activities with the kids can get expensive ( I get it!) so a simple picnic will make their day special. Prepare fruits, sandwiches from home and make delicious lemonade. Keep them busy with puzzles, board games and sports (soccer, badminton, Frisbee, etc.) REMEMBER: Make sure to bring lots of snacks (A LOT) so you don’t spend money.

Matinee Movie: You simple cannot deny summer films are the best ones from Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets or recently released Pete’s Dragon, go see one. Get up early and surprise them with a visit to the theater.

Beach Day Fun: We certainly cannot forget a day out at the beach. Sunbathing while you watch your kids enjoy the water, fun-fun-fun. Collecting shells and building sun castles-kids never get tired of it. BEWARE! Toddlers might make it a little hard for you to actually enjoy the day but it’s worth the trip.

Tell us your favorite family fun activity so far in the comment section!



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Happy Kids: The Perfect Salad For A Hot Summer Day

summer salad

How is the weather around your neck of the woods? New York City is giving us humidity and rain for the last couple of days. I’m not complaining, I’ll take summer weather over any other season. I love summer months!

On days were its simply too hot to step outside, the kids and I find comfort staying inside and snacking all day. Left over dinner, smoothies, or fresh fruits—we eat it all. Something else to love in summer is a fresh fruit salad. Nothing beats a juicy mango cut into square slices paired with baby spinach and a little salt w/lemon. Not to tire the kids from the same weekly salads, I’m always blending fruits or veggies together to create different ones. The one I’m sharing with you today was a hit-like all the food post on the blog-this one is also simple and easy to make.

Prepare for a juicy summer salad! Hope you enjoy!summer salad

summer salad


Serves 4-5

  •  half of a watermelon sliced into squares (3-4 cups)
  • 1 yellow pepper cut into thin squares
  • 1 tomato cut into thin squares
  • 1 cup of sliced peaches
  • 1  freshly squeezed lemon/lime
  • Parsley (optional)

DIRECTIONS: Add all fruits into a large bowl and mix together. Refrigerate for about 20 minutes then take out. It’s not necessary to keep cool but it does taste delicious when the fruit is nice and cold. Serve in a cup or small bowl and top it off with lemon/lime juice and parsley.


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How To Do An Effortless Half-up Top Knot

top knot

Walking through the streets of NYC I see women with their hair down and wonder how can they do it? How can they have all that hair down with this heat? I cannot have all my hair down during such scorching hot summer days. I just want to chop it off (anyone with me?)

But, instead of chopping it, just style it! It has always been easy for me to attempt different styles on my hair. I enjoy trying it all from messy buns, fishtail braids, side braids, and my everyone’s favorite, effortless waves.

My go-to style at the moment takes me no longer than 15 minutes. A top knot with messy waves looks great on long, short or medium hair, creating this style is super easy and it keeps the hair off your face. You have probably seen and read many Pinterest posts about how to create the perfect topknot, but if you haven’t, here is the way I’ve mastered the look!

top knot

  1. Any hairstyle works best on second-day hair. I always like to prep my hair with several types of sprays. At the moment my favorite shampoo is Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. You can apply this on the crown and the sides of your hair, make sure to message the spray into your roots thoroughly. I then sprayed some Tresemmé Heat Tamer Spray and Garnier’s Sleek Primer Style Prep. A texturing spray like this can also give your hair lots of volume.
  2. Once you are done applying all sprays, part your hair into a half up half down style, the parting does not have to be perfect. Twist the hair like you see in picture 2. Grab the middle and keep twisting as you start to form a bun.
  3. Your bun should resemble a small doughnut, once your bun is styled how you like it, insert several bobby pins to hold the style.
  4. Play around with the bun you have, expand it by slowly pulling the hair from all sides.
  5. Now that you have a perfect bun, grab straps of hair one by one and curl your hair like you see in step 5. Allow space between the strays of hair, this will give you lose curls.
  6. Once you have curled all the hair, run your fingers through it all. The last step is to add more texturing spray.

If you are tired of that same old ponytail definitely try this style out. What is one hairstyle you want to master? share with us in the comment section.


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Drugstore Waterproof Mascara For The Win

lush lashes

Voluminous lashes for all!

Once you find a tried and true product especially for your lashes, it’s hard to venture out and try new ones. Maybelline’s Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black is one that I’ve repurchased often. Shopping to re-stock on mascara this time around I decided to try a new one, glad it will now be a “must” in my collection.

Since summer is approaching sometimes wearing makeup is a no-no, a little mascara with a lip-gloss is the most I will do on a hot summer day. Unlike many of you who perhaps have beautiful long lashes, mine are lifeless (literally) to give them some volume applying several coats of a waterproof mascara always gets the job done. After using WET N WILD MAXVOLUME PLUS WATERPROOF MASCARA for about a month now, I couldn’t be happier with the results it provides every time.

Claiming to promote up to 10x volume without smudging or clumping your lashes this mascara is spot-on.


mascara before


wet n wild mascara

Pros: Last all day long-no smearing
Easy to take off with makeup remover
Good wand to work with, bristles tend to get a good grip on all the lashes
Great for bottom lashes too

mascara wand

I have experienced some flaking after a long day of wearing it, still, compared to how great it works plus the price, it couldn’t be a better product to add to your collection.

What is your favorite waterproof mascara? Share with us!


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1 Pop of Color On The Eye Featuring-Colourpop

belladonna lily

Besides wearing whites this Memorial Day, why not be bold and wear a pop of color on the eyes?

Eye shadows and foundations are the top makeup products I like trying out. From neutrals to a dark brown eye makeup, playing with eye shadows is always a fun idea. Today, I decided to feature the Colourpop brand creating a simple look with one of their super shock eye shadow in the color Belladonna Lily (matte).

I first learned about Colourpop cosmetics through YouTube, a media outlet I enjoy using to discover new products. Many vloggers and bloggers have talked about Colourpop’s eye shadows and their well-known lippie sticks. Coffee Break with Dani, a makeup enthusiast like myself, has plenty of useful videos reviewing Colourpop cosmetics, check them out here and here.

Along with Belladonna Lilly I also purchased-wattles and flower shop. The color wattle is a satin finish while flower shops is a pearlized finish. All three are beautiful colors! You can find several eye shadows textures on the website, like matte, satin, metallic, ultra-metallic and pearlized.



Here is the look I created.

belladonna lily

Foundation: NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint (review here) in the color Cuzco Medium 1.5
Mascara: Wet & Wild waterproof hydrofuge mascara
Eyebrows: Benefit’s  Brows a go-go
Lips: Sephora Matte Lipstick (unknown name)
Blush: Mac blush in the color Swiss Chocolate
Bronzer & Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in the color THAT GLOW

pop of color

I loved how the look turnout!

How do you wear a pop of color on the eye?  Where do you get inspiration from when it comes to creating a look? Share in the comment section.

Shop the look.



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