6 affordable makeup brushes that will make you happy

affordable brushes

I’m excited to finally get this post up to share affordable makeup brushes that continue to help me achieve a flawless application. Needless to say, I don’t often use the word “favorite” with brushes since I’m always looking for new brands to try. But, let’s be honest, I LOVE all the ones I’m sharing with you today. Naturally, the first two brushes I bought were-MAC, we all have one MAC brush, till this day they are still in my collection. Also in my collection, you will find more face brushes than any other brush. While I enjoy creating looks like this one, my go-to look is always about my base, a healthy looking base with loads of mascara and a bright lipstick. Who’s with me?

Now, the title of this post is 6 brushes but to be clear the Real Techniques brushes are a collection set. A set worth buying if you want to try several of their brushes.

Lets get to it…

@realtechniques I love your products!



Liquid Foundation Brush (LUXIE Rose Gold Flat Angled Blender Face 538 $18)-I attended a beauty event (Beautycon NYC) about two weeks ago-determined to find a kabuki brush. Well, I found it! This kabuki-angled brush by LUXIE is the perfect foundation brush, extremely soft and the angled part also helps me blend in my concealer. I look forward to purchasing more LUXIE brushes in the future!

Powder Foundation, Bronzer, Blush, Contour (Real Technique Core Collection Brush Set $17.99)-Real techniques is a great brand we all love to use. Its affordable with amazing quality brushes, these brushes will get the job done right. The specific set I own comes with four, you can find it here. The larger buffing brush is great to apply any liquid foundation, it doesn’t leave any streaky lines, so you get a flawless application. The contour brush blends in your liquid or powder bronzer beautifully. Also great to apply cream blush. These brushes are multipurpose-which is another reason I truly enjoy using them.

Double Ended Brush ( Crown Brush C476 Crease Duet $6.99)- this brush arrived at my doorstep in one of my Ipsy subscription goodies a long time ago. I love using the larger side to set my concealer with a translucent powder. It also works well to apply and set your eye-primer. The smaller tip is great! It works perfectly to apply highlight in the inner corner, eyebrow bone and to blend eye shadow under the eyes. It’s easy to wash and the bristles do not shed at all.

Stippled Brush ( Morphe Duo Fiber Foundation G22 $14)- a stippled brush is essential to have in your makeup stash. The purpose of this particular brush is to blend in foundation but of course I’m a rebel and use it for something different. After applying foundation, bronzer, blush and highlight, I blend in the products to diminish any harsh lines. If you have a heavy hand and apply way too much blush this is great to blend that out. I’ve had this for two years and it is still in great condition.(You can also get an ELF stippled brush for only $4 dollars here)

Blending eye shadow brush (Crown C330 Blending Crease $4.29)– I don’t wear eye shadow too often but when I do this C33O one by Crown brushes helps apply my crease color perfectly. I love how easy it blends the color without having me press to hard on my crease. This one is also easy to clean and it doesn’t shed any bristles.

I couldn’t forget the beauty blender as I know we love that little spounge! I use the Real Technique’s one since it does the same job as the original beauty blender. You can find it here.

pin-it brushes


What’s your go-to makeup brush? Share with us in the comment section!


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How To Love Your Lips-Here Are 3 Lip Balms


How many lip balms are in your makeup bag?

For a body part we use all the time-it doesn’t get all the attention that it should. Instead many of us (my sibling) will constantly pick at it until it bleeds. I’m talking about our precious lips. Lips are not always a priority in our beauty regimen, I know for me, I tend to worry more about which eye-cream to use. But after years of applying so many lipsticks its important to exfoliate and keep them hydrated. As the beauty world exposes us to high-end and drugstore lip balms, I have found my favorites.

Here are my top 3 lip balms.

No such thing as too many lipsticks!



Spearmint Supreme 2X– this lip shine is incredible! extremely moisturizing and it smells great (not harsh at all) I discovered this lip balm watching a Youtuber who shared her secret to healthy looking lips. It was this lip balm (maybe good genes too) retailing at $8 dollars, this product has no color and you can pick from several other flavors. You can often get a good deal when the store offers a buy two get one free. I love using this one at night to give my lips the nourishment it needs.

Burt’s Bee Lip Shine– when Burt’s Bee came out with new lipsticks I wanted to try them out but instead I bought their 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Shine in the color Peachy. Perfect to use for a no makeup-makeup look you can choose from 6 different shades to add a bit of color to the lips. If you enjoy a glossy lip-this product will do it. It can retail for $5.98 at Walmart.com 

Rose Salve the classic all purpose salve – not only does it heel and sooth your lips but it claims to heel elbows, knees, face, lips and cuticles! I think a product like this is everyone’s favorite because it’s such a versatile balm. Plus, you can’t beat the cute packaging not your ordinary tube. It retails for $5.50 at Bath & Body Works


What other beauty products would you like to read on the blog? Share with us in the comment section.

Pucker up!xo

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Here Are 5 Fashion Pieces You Will Love

fashion pieces

Bye, bye summer nights, hello fall fashion.

I won’t lie, I’m not overly excited about the colder days to come (because I love summer) but I can’t wait to wear my oversized sweater. It seems like this fall is bringing us some good old fashion trends. The chic off the shoulder blouse-high waist jeans and distress t-shirts to name a few. Whether you like fashion or not, you can’t deny how good it feels to buy new pieces for your wardrobe. While we like shopping, we don’t like NOT knowing what to buy, shopping can become stressful. For that reason, I wanted to share with you 5 wardrobe pieces you can use to create different outfits.

Long bomber Jacket or Utility Jacket- bomber jackets are not going away anytime soon. I remember wearing some sort of bomber jacket when I was in high school. It had several fun patches on them, similar to this one. It’s a fun wardrobe add-on you can wear with any outfit. Last spring I was lucky enough to find an olive jacket from Target (no longer on site). The color is beautiful and it adds the extra touch to my everyday outfits. This one is similar.

Black Leggings – hey moms, how many black leggings do you own? (I have 4 black ones) this is a simple basic piece you can use everyday if you wanted too. Wear it with any neutral color t-shirt plus your oversized sweater you’ll be ready in less than 5 minutes. Thankfully for us who wear them almost everyday, companies are coming out with more funky ones to choose from. I like this one and this

Tweet: I love my black leggings!

Off-the-shoulder blouses- I need off-the-shoulder everything-blouses, t-shirts even sweaters. Wearing a shirt like this can add a beautiful feminine touch to your complete outfit. An off the shoulder blouse looks lovely styled with dark denim jeans and a pair of booties. You can find affordable and trendy off-the-shoulder shirts on this website.

Converse Sneakers- comfortable and stylish never looked so good. Get yourself a pair of converse sneakers that can last you years. These chucks will never give you a hard time. They look good with practically anything you wear.

Chokers- listen, you need to have at least one choker, it’s a fun accessory. I think FOREVER21 has hit the nail on the head with having some great choices to pick from. I love the plain velvet black ones like this one, you can also find them here.

Don’t go out buying a whole new wardrobe, you may already have some of these pieces. Styling them different ways this fall can make them feel brand new.

What might be your favorite piece this fall? Share with us in the comment section.

Shop the items.



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MILANI Lip Crèmes

Milani Lip Color

18 shades?

Yes, Milani’s website has 18 shades of these fabulous lip crèmes I stumbled upon weeks ago. On the hunt for a setting spray from a different brand, I came across these lip crèmes at my local Walgreens. Not satisfied with the colors they had, I did some online shopping. To try them out, I only purchased four colors, Amore, Gorgeous, Precious and Devotion. I love them all!

So, why do I enjoy these lippies?? Well, the price of course is numero uno-less than ten dollars. Next, the colors themselves are beautifully pigmented, each shade is opaque just like the Milani site describes them to be. You only need to add one layer on the lips. Plus, the application is smooth due to the double-sided applicator being soft and flexible.

Below are the colors.

Milani lip swatch

Detail color from website

  • Amore- bright cherry red
  • Gorgeous- raspberry wine
  • Precious- cool toned rose
  • Devotion- deep true red 

Milani lip swatch

Here are some details on the lip crèmes.

  • 18 shades available (find them here)
  • Long-lasting 16 hours
  • liquid to a matte formula
  • Very pigmented
  • smells good

But, like any other product, it sometimes does have a downfall or two. These lip crèmes maybe too drying for some people. If you have dry lips as is then you might not like this product (a good tip for dry lips is to exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated with a lip balm). I read several reviews on how flaky the formula can get after hours of wearing it. Personally, I only experienced a bit of flakiness with the color Amore. Overall, it’s a great formula for a drugstore brand.

beauty lip pies

Whats your favorite drugstore brand? Share with us in the comment section, have a great weekend!


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End-of-Summer Fun 5 Things To Do

end of summer fun

Summer blues? Who?

How strange is it that we look forward to the end of a school year? Wishing the end to early morning drop-offs and morning tantrums. Come mid-July you better make sure you still have fresh ideas for the kids to do.

As we head towards the end of summer, we’re trying to make each day count. Making sure our kids are having plenty of fun. From having multiple play dates to late night Carvel runs-summer months are fantastic. Spoil those kids rotten!

But, sometimes repeating the same activities can become boring. If you’re running low on ideas, here are 5 of our must-do activities to do before summer ends.

Visit a museum: Like New York or any other state-museums are fun and children get to learn something new each time. Get their imaginations rolling by visiting the art center. You can also look into your local museums for days that are free admission.

Be a tourist for a day: Have you ever wanted to act like a tourist in your city? As a New Yorker, I still have not stepped foot into the famous Dylan’s Candy Bar-known as candy paradise for everyone. Find a kid-friendly location you’ve wanted to visit and enjoy the day.

Picnic: I can understand doing all these activities with the kids can get expensive ( I get it!) so a simple picnic will make their day special. Prepare fruits, sandwiches from home and make delicious lemonade. Keep them busy with puzzles, board games and sports (soccer, badminton, Frisbee, etc.) REMEMBER: Make sure to bring lots of snacks (A LOT) so you don’t spend money.

Matinee Movie: You simple cannot deny summer films are the best ones from Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets or recently released Pete’s Dragon, go see one. Get up early and surprise them with a visit to the theater.

Beach Day Fun: We certainly cannot forget a day out at the beach. Sunbathing while you watch your kids enjoy the water, fun-fun-fun. Collecting shells and building sun castles-kids never get tired of it. BEWARE! Toddlers might make it a little hard for you to actually enjoy the day but it’s worth the trip.

Tell us your favorite family fun activity so far in the comment section!



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Happy Kids: The Perfect Salad For A Hot Summer Day

summer salad

How is the weather around your neck of the woods? New York City is giving us humidity and rain for the last couple of days. I’m not complaining, I’ll take summer weather over any other season. I love summer months!

On days were its simply too hot to step outside, the kids and I find comfort staying inside and snacking all day. Left over dinner, smoothies, or fresh fruits—we eat it all. Something else to love in summer is a fresh fruit salad. Nothing beats a juicy mango cut into square slices paired with baby spinach and a little salt w/lemon. Not to tire the kids from the same weekly salads, I’m always blending fruits or veggies together to create different ones. The one I’m sharing with you today was a hit-like all the food post on the blog-this one is also simple and easy to make.

Prepare for a juicy summer salad! Hope you enjoy!summer salad

summer salad


Serves 4-5

  •  half of a watermelon sliced into squares (3-4 cups)
  • 1 yellow pepper cut into thin squares
  • 1 tomato cut into thin squares
  • 1 cup of sliced peaches
  • 1  freshly squeezed lemon/lime
  • Parsley (optional)

DIRECTIONS: Add all fruits into a large bowl and mix together. Refrigerate for about 20 minutes then take out. It’s not necessary to keep cool but it does taste delicious when the fruit is nice and cold. Serve in a cup or small bowl and top it off with lemon/lime juice and parsley.


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