14 Random Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Forget the sweets. Forget the expensive bouquet of flowers.

Here are 14 random items you can gift your spouse, friends, siblings or yourself! You can also check out (here) a simple DIY-mason jar filled with Valentine’s goodies, perfect for every kid.

vday gifts

  1. From Etsy for the woman or man who likes a nice cold beer
  2. You can find this Hershey’s coffee mug here
  3. I have an obsession with pandas! find this cute makeup bag here
  4. Print out some great photos to put on this wooden collage plank from here
  5. Perfect gift for a blogger friend, pineapple decoration from here
  6. His & Her Coffee mugs, find it here
  7. You can’t have enough makeup bags, this camera makeup bag is from FOREVER21
  8. Large Coffee Mug from here
  9. I love you a whole Latte! Coffee mug
  10. You had me at Coffee, find it here
  11. You are the flip to my flop his and her coffee mugs, from here
  12. This mug is Instagram approved, find it here
  13. Kiss me I’m Caffeinated Coffee mug 
  14. This mug was too funny not to share, you can find it  here


Here are more his & her coffee mugs.