Plug it in-Here are 5 podcasts you will enjoy

5 podcasts you will enjoy

The art of storytelling through podcast shows will make you feel all types of feelings. You will laugh hysterically, sob like a baby while nodding your head😅, nodding your head yes for you know that feeling all to well. I’m sure you all know the gist of what podcasting is, if you haven’t, this article expresses the medium very well. I discovered my first podcast show in a writing course at college. THE MOTH podcast by NPR radio; it’s filled with stories everyone can relate too. After two or three episodes, I instantly became a podcast supporter. Two years later, podcasts are the only thing I listen to on my phone. So finally I’m sharing my favorite shows at the moment.

Super Mamá Podcast

Two Latina moms Bricia and Paulina host super Mamás a one-hour podcast show that airs weekly. Described, as a “judgment-free space” for new moms and experienced moms, a space were motherhood stories are endless. If you’re a parent you know that every day is a new adventure with the kids! I find myself nodding and laughing out loud as I listen to these stories, I can truly relate.

Favorite Episode: Ep 88

The Moth Podcast

What is scarier than spilling your most embarrassing, heartwarming, intimate stories with a room full of strangers? Nothing! As I mentioned earlier, the moth podcast was my introduction into the world of podcasting. I was in my second semester in college when I heard Japanese Mosh Pit, a story about an exchange student and his experience with a mosh pit (literally) about three years ago, I was lucky enough to attend one of their live story sessions in Brooklyn. It was an amazing experience to hear the storytellers. They seemed nervous yet trilled to be up on stage. I also believe the show inspires people to be brave and overcome stage freight.  

Favorite Episode: Live from Boston 

Modern Love

I’ve shared my love for this show multiple times on Instagram, I always enjoy the episodes. Modern Love is based on The New York Times column that is very popular, I’ve never read it myself but I’m positive its as great as the podcast. The show bases the stories on essays submitted by people who take the chance to have their essays read. Most of the stories are tear jerkers so have a tissues nearby. For me, the best part about the show is getting to hear the people who wrote the essays at the end. I always look forward to hearing an update on their stories.

Favorite Episode: The Doorman (22)

Latinos Who Lunch

How fun and likable is the podcast name? I discovered these two energetic Latinos through their crossover with Super Mamás podcast. LWL created an episode for the Super Mamás listeners, I immediately subscribed to their show afterwards. Favy fav and Babelito are a joy to listen too, not only do they spread love and positivity but they hit you with some powerful encouraging guests. Their episodes include “pop-culture, art and identity politics.”

Favorite Episode: No mas White Tears (28)

Pop Culture Happy Hour

It truly is happy hour when you listen to Linda Holmes and company talk about everything in media. Once you plug-in those headphones, its like you’re sitting down with a couple of friends drinking coffee. I enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions and what’s making them happy. Whats making you happy this week? Is a fun segment they do towards the end of each episode. The show covers music, television shows, movies, and what ever else is trending in the world. 

Favorite Episode: Memes, Fads, Advice, and Neil Gailman

I hope you check some of these out. What are some of your favorite shows at the moment? Share with us in the comment section.


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