End-of-Summer Fun 5 Things To Do

end of summer fun

Summer blues? Who?

How strange is it that we look forward to the end of a school year? Wishing the end to early morning drop-offs and morning tantrums. Come mid-July you better make sure you still have fresh ideas for the kids to do.

As we head towards the end of summer, we’re trying to make each day count. Making sure our kids are having plenty of fun. From having multiple play dates to late night Carvel runs-summer months are fantastic. Spoil those kids rotten!

But, sometimes repeating the same activities can become boring. If you’re running low on ideas, here are 5 of our must-do activities to do before summer ends.

Visit a museum: Like New York or any other state-museums are fun and children get to learn something new each time. Get their imaginations rolling by visiting the art center. You can also look into your local museums for days that are free admission.

Be a tourist for a day: Have you ever wanted to act like a tourist in your city? As a New Yorker, I still have not stepped foot into the famous Dylan’s Candy Bar-known as candy paradise for everyone. Find a kid-friendly location you’ve wanted to visit and enjoy the day.

Picnic: I can understand doing all these activities with the kids can get expensive ( I get it!) so a simple picnic will make their day special. Prepare fruits, sandwiches from home and make delicious lemonade. Keep them busy with puzzles, board games and sports (soccer, badminton, Frisbee, etc.) REMEMBER: Make sure to bring lots of snacks (A LOT) so you don’t spend money.

Matinee Movie: You simple cannot deny summer films are the best ones from Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets or recently released Pete’s Dragon, go see one. Get up early and surprise them with a visit to the theater.

Beach Day Fun: We certainly cannot forget a day out at the beach. Sunbathing while you watch your kids enjoy the water, fun-fun-fun. Collecting shells and building sun castles-kids never get tired of it. BEWARE! Toddlers might make it a little hard for you to actually enjoy the day but it’s worth the trip.

Tell us your favorite family fun activity so far in the comment section!