Aloha trendsetters!

Do you keep up with the latest fashion frenzy? Normally I do. I tend to find the latest styles on magazines and blogs. I also like to watch New York Live (ABC 4 NY), the show features affordable clothing and other fashion forward items. Recently I was on the hunt for a dress to attend my friend’s wedding. I haven’t been shopping in months so I decided to head on over to Macy’s. As most native New Yorker’s know, Macy’s a giant department store is overwhelming. I waited too long to search for a dress, so, there I was last Saturday night looking for the perfect dress. I spend four hours in Macy’s, I visited the Loft and H&M and nada! All hope was lost and just when I gave up, there I was standing right in front of Banana Republic. My shopping instincts kicked in as if the universe was telling me to try one last store. I finally found the dress I was going to wear for the wedding in Banana Republic (on sale) and with the help of some amazing sale associates. While hunting for the dress I noticed a trending color—WHITE everywhere-dresses, skirts, rompers, and shirts. I love white! Although my whites can never stay white, I still enjoy buying them. I wanted to share pieces I  found while shopping (plus some I found online).  Check them out!

  • Everything is from H&M, I Loved the fitting of this dress below but I was not comfortable wearing white. I am obsessed with sleeveless shirts, they are very comfortable and you can style them with shorts/skirts/pants. Lace! Who doesn’t love some lace? These shorts are cute & chic.
  • Sleeveless shirt- $10 (online)
  • Jacquard-Weave Dress-$49.50
  • Lace shorts-$15 (online)


  • First (left-right) Fitted Dress- $15 (online)
  • Sleeveless dress-$ 12 (on sale online) white-dress-finds

    As I was creating my post I decided to go back online and search for other items that were white and cute!

  • Strapless dress-$12.95
  • Sandals for kids-$17.95 (adorable)


  • Clutch Bag- $30
  • Headband- $5.99
  • Earrings (4 pairs)- $3.99
  • Sleeveless shirt- $9
  • Round Earrings- $7.99


After all the hunting madness, the wedding was beautiful and so was the bride! Remember that you can wear (buy) anything that makes your heart happy ( Cheesy but true) Hope you all have a great weekend. Until the next post!