Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids

Have you completed all of your Christmas shopping? This Christmas like every other Christmas your children will be opening new toys, which eventually be destroyed, lost, forgotten, Am I right? We all love to spoil kids, adults, ourselves with over-the-top gifts, from the American Girl Doll to the new X-Box game, these simple gifts are budget friendly! In this gift guide, Mileisa and I decided to share fun board games, music instruments an activities kids can enjoy all year round.


  1. Girls and Boys will enjoy this gift set of  Judy Blume complete Fudge books series.
  2. Give a child the joy of knowing Dorothy’s story in the movie The Wizard of Oz.
  3. Torture parent/s by giving their kid this Melissa & Doug band set.
  4. On a hunt for a new board game? Look no further HedBanz is a great gift.
  5. This sequence board may look a bit dull but your kid will love it! My daughters had this same one for over four years.
  6. If a child likes to read give them Diary of A Wimpy Kid books 1-4 this Christmas.
  7. Fun gift plate sets like this one will make breakfast, lunch, and dinner much more enjoyable for the kids.
  8.  While your kid eats a snack on their new minion plate, they can watch Ice-Age movies.
  9. Another item from Melissa & Doug is this Piano. I think it’s a fun gift to give to a child who loves music. It’s a compact size which does not take up too much space.
  10. In this gift bundle your child can decorate their very own car or train.
  11. Christmas vacation wouldn’t be the same without a competitive game like Beat The Parents for the family to cry over.
  12. The last gift is one even your older kids will enjoy.

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We hope you all can take some ideas from our picks on our very first gift guide on Astyleofourown. Presents can sometimes distract us but lets remember Christmas is about building long-lasting memories with our families. Until the next post =)