How To Love Your Lips-Here Are 3 Lip Balms


How many lip balms are in your makeup bag?

For a body part we use all the time-it doesn’t get all the attention that it should. Instead many of us (my sibling) will constantly pick at it until it bleeds. I’m talking about our precious lips. Lips are not always a priority in our beauty regimen, I know for me, I tend to worry more about which eye-cream to use. But after years of applying so many lipsticks its important to exfoliate and keep them hydrated. As the beauty world exposes us to high-end and drugstore lip balms, I have found my favorites.

Here are my top 3 lip balms.

No such thing as too many lipsticks!



Spearmint Supreme 2X– this lip shine is incredible! extremely moisturizing and it smells great (not harsh at all) I discovered this lip balm watching a Youtuber who shared her secret to healthy looking lips. It was this lip balm (maybe good genes too) retailing at $8 dollars, this product has no color and you can pick from several other flavors. You can often get a good deal when the store offers a buy two get one free. I love using this one at night to give my lips the nourishment it needs.

Burt’s Bee Lip Shine– when Burt’s Bee came out with new lipsticks I wanted to try them out but instead I bought their 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Shine in the color Peachy. Perfect to use for a no makeup-makeup look you can choose from 6 different shades to add a bit of color to the lips. If you enjoy a glossy lip-this product will do it. It can retail for $5.98 at 

Rose Salve the classic all purpose salve – not only does it heel and sooth your lips but it claims to heel elbows, knees, face, lips and cuticles! I think a product like this is everyone’s favorite because it’s such a versatile balm. Plus, you can’t beat the cute packaging not your ordinary tube. It retails for $5.50 at Bath & Body Works


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