Love and Miss Communication: Book Review

Happy Monday!

As I searched twitter for the tenth time in a day and I finally saw something worth re-tweeting; it was a tweet by everyone’s favorite vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar. She shared a book she was reading with her twitter followers ….

Love and miss communication by Elyssa Friedlandre


Don’t you love the cover? I do. I love that it’s all yellow and that it represents text messages, especially those three dots we all hate. Why do people take so long to respond? Just type and send!

Meet Evie Rosen, a hard-working woman whose love life is not that great. She’s in her thirties living in NYC and working at a law firm. As we all know the universe doesn’t allow a person to have joys in all parts of their lives (ha!) Too bad for Evie, as the universe poops on her and she gets fired from sending too many personal e-mails during work hours. Evie, then discovers through Facebook that her ex-boyfriend got married. You know, the one who said he never wanted to get married (yeah him). This is the main reason Evie decides to quit the Internet! That’s right people she stopped using e-mail and all social media. Can you imagine not using Google to search why you might have a rash under your armpit? Or my eye keeps twitching what can it be? I would not be able to cut all technology out. The author gets the reader to think (a good thing) about why the world is attached to their smartphones, while also telling a fun love story.

I enjoyed Evie’s character and I’m positive many women can relate to at least one of her problems. I also enjoyed Bette’s character, Evie’s grandmother. She is a typical grandmother who doesn’t understand why Evie is single at the age of thirty-two.

Good Read! Definitely recommend.