Monday Style: Black Textured Jacket

Black Coat


Back from our mini-vacation looking forward to the next few posts! Who is eager for spring to arrive? We are definitely ready for the warmer temperatures. This past weekend NYC had very pleasant weather I could almost smell spring in the air, I thought it was the perfect time to share this adorable jacket I’ve worn for most of the winter months. Textured jackets are a favorite staple, it adds character to your casual and glamorous looks. I purchased this one in Uniqlo last November, sadly this piece is no longer in stock. As we are always on a hunt for something new to add to our wardrobe, I linked several adorable textured jackets down below.

Monday style Monday style black coat

Blouse: Forever21(old) Black High Waist Jeans: Loft Boots: Steve Madden 

Monday Style

We love shopping at the Uniqlo store, their mixture of wardrobe pieces for you and the kids are plenty. What is your favorite store to shop in? Let us know in the comment section. Have a great week!

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