One of many things Yuri and I share in common is we both dislike the scent of food, strange right? Its true! The food may smell delicious but we don’t want our couches to smell of Penne Sauce, hours after dinner time (click here for the recipe). So, we’re glad to have the opportunity to try this amazingly useful product called Squelch. We know the market already has many mists fragrances. However, Squelch is an all-natural scentless odor remover that is not harmful to you or the environment! Check out how we decided to put the product to the test.

We enjoyed using it to diminish odors around the home. Spraying the product on your furniture can eliminate those unpleasant smells that absorb on your couch fabric from cooking.


If you own a pet sometimes their blankets and pillows accumulate an unpleasant smell. Spritz three pumps of Squelch and it will have the blankets smelling crisp.


If you work in an office space like I do, use it to freshen up your office chair every once in a while.


One of our goals when we created this Lifestyle blog is to try new products to share with our readers. We are glad to say that Squelch has worked for us! Plus it does not have the overpowering smell of a thousand lily flowers. If you’re like us and enjoy odor-less or minimal mist sprays you will appreciate this handy product. Thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Out Of Office NY Network, all opinions are our own!