Summer Time Beauty

Watermelon, ice-cold lemonade and shish kebabs, yes please!  The summer heat is upon us, so its time to share some of my beauty essentials. I don’t wear make-up everyday regardless if it is summer or not. However, I do enjoy looking glamorous on occasions.




Day-to-day moisturizer should be an essential for all of us! In the summer its important to protect your skin. So, to kill two birds with one stone I always use a moisturizer with SPF in it. My current one is Olay moisturizer with SPF15, you can find it here. I like to try drugstore moisturizer every so often, sad to say this one is not working well with my skin.  

My favorite product of the moment is Kiehl’s creamy under eye cream, this eye cream is one of the best I have tried. It leaves your under-eye very hydrated! The eye cream is expensive, but the texture of it is very rich that a little goes along way.

If you are a momma like myself, I know you enjoy a good concealer! Sometimes, I want to hide the dark circles under my eyes, put on some mascara, a little blush and head out the door. A concealer that hasn’t disappointed me is this one by Maybelline, very good coverage!

My beauty blender is an essential for every season! It applies foundation and concealer perfectly. You can find it here.

Since it is summer, I try to carry a fragrance with me most of the time. I purchased  this one from Macy’s department store during christmas and it still has plenty of product in it.

Lip Balm lovers, I present to you a hydrating lip balm from Origins. I actually received this as a gift when I purchased creams from Origins (also great!). I love to wear this even if I don’t have any makeup on, is hydrating and adds some color to your lips. Love it!

Rosebud Salve is another favorite essentials. Not only is it a lip balm, but you can also use it for other dry areas on your body. During the winter, I tend to put it on my knuckles which get dry. Lip balms are one of the few items you can stock up on and not feel bad about it.

Mascara is another beauty product one can stock up on, you will always need it. Lets start with the first one (top-to-bottom), Covergirl Lashblast Clump Crusher is a good mascara for separation. Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara helps my eyelashes with looking thicker. I love Maybellines Great Lash Mascara, is waterproof and last all day.

Lastly, we all know razors is an item that most of us use in the Summer!

The last two essentials are lipsticks from the brand Wet-n-Wild. These are not the best lipsticks at the drugstore but both cost less than three dollars. Cherry Picking is the bright color and the nude is Just Peachy. I love a bright lip and a nude color never fails!

Items not on the picture, Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifing BB cream , I got this as a sample and it has an SPF of 50! Feels refreshing and light on my skin, I love BB creams. Tarte’s cheek-stains in the color Exposed is a beautiful color that can go with any make-up look.

Putting this post together was exciting! I enjoy reading other beauty blogs and discover new products every time! I hope that you try some of my essentials and discovered something new. It was hard to pick my top-beauty essentials, I would have added ten more!

All things mentioned have links incase you want to check them out.