Life with Photos In Between

Happy New Year Everyone! We’ve been gone from the blogging sphere for a bit, Mileisa & I celebrated the Holiday season with our loved ones. It’s always nice to sit down and enjoy their company while watching Netflix shows and eating junk food! December is always chaotic but a precious month for us both because our daughter’s birthdays are weeks apart. Kids grow up quickly don’t they? One minute you’re wonder what their voices will sound like and the next minute your eight year old kid wants a cell phone!!

Anyhow, Today we want to thank our few subscribers and welcome the new ones! We truly appreciate when you all read our post! Even if technology is sweeping our brains away with new apps and gadgets everyday. Mileisa and I are glad we discovered the blogging community in which people share their interest in food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle to name a few. It’s a reminder that people still love to read & write. We also realized readers & bloggers appreciate a nice high-quality photograph, so today we wanted to share some Instagram photos and invite you to follow us on social media. Enjoy the pictures!

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Thanks for stopping by! If you want to know more about us click here! Enjoy the rest of the week!

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