Using 5 Beauty Products To Create An Effortless Look

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Chaotic mornings for those of us who have kids will become a breeze as they get older, right? During the days I attended college, mornings were overwhelming to say the least. Everyone knows if mom wakes up late, everyone is late. Not only do you have to get yourself ready but your little rascals too. Lets not forget the husband, who can’t seem to find his belt every morning (haha). For days where we ran late, I mastered a makeup routine that took less than five minutes to apply. If you are a makeup enthusiast allowing yourself time to put on a little mascara makes your mornings that much better. My essential products to create an easy look are basics most of us have in our collection. Even those of you who don’t wear makeup on a regular basis. Below are my top five for a quick and easy look.

1st Prep Your Face: Keeping your skin clean and hydrated is number one on the list. Use a gentle face wash to cleanse your face every morning. Afterwards apply your daily moisturizer and eye-cream.


Concealer: For those of us who have dark under eye circles, concealer is our best friend. This and this one are great, this NYX one is an affordable color corrector. Apply this first and buff it in with a beauty sponge, you can apply it to any other imperfection you want to hide.
Blush: I love a good cream blush. This one from Tarte is beautiful. When going for an effortless look cream blushes give your cheeks a more natural look.
Mascara: If your eyelashes are like mine, hopeless and droopy with no life, waterproof mascaras are best to use. Apply two-four coats to get voluminous lashes. 


Lipstick or Lip Balm: Nude lipsticks, mauve colors or a dark lip can go with this look.
Powder Foundation: No other powder compares to Mac’s Mineralize Skinfinish. It is super lightweight and perfectly matches your skin complexion. If you want to try a Mac product for the first time, these powders are a good way to start.

A good thing about effortless makeup looks is anyone can do them. Don’t get intimidated by makeup products, It’s not always about the wing eyeliner or smokey eye. Find the look you are most comfortable with and wear it with pride.

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What products do you use for an effortless look? Share with us in the comment section.